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His history is a messed up one, and one of the reasons is that his relatives ditched him when he was a new born. One day, a knock was heard coming from a couple's front door of their home. When the male opens the door, he finds a new born baby lying there sleeping, so he quickly took him in. They did not know the name of this baby, but because their family had the last name of Baxter, they called him Tony Baxter. And from there, a new addition to the Baxter family was accepted and raised.

At the age of five, Tony learned the names of his new parents, which were Oscar and Sylvia Baxter. Oscar and Sylvia decided that it was best to not keep the adoption, if you can call it that, a secret and they told Tony the truth of his past. Surprisingly, he just smiled and hugged both parents thanking them for taking him in.

At the age of six, Tony learned that the creatures that he sees everyday are known as Pokemon. There are friendly and then there are "bad" pokemon., but both Oscar and Sylvia never believed that, so Tony didn't believe that as well.

At the age of eight, Tony witnessed a strange accident. One of the pokemon Sylvia was taking care of, Pikachu, just dropped dead. Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy could not figure out the cause of his death, nor could any Pokemon professors. Pikachu's death will remain a mystery for all eternity.

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Tony only has one pokemon, which is his starter pokemon, Squirtle.

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