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Slateport City (Japanese: カイナシティ Kaina City) is a port town on the southern coast of Hoenn. It is the ninth largest city in the Pokémon world.Slateport was created because the clean water made the food abundant in the area, so a local market started to grow. The city then soon became a harbor where ships and boats come and go. There is a lighthouse near the south of Slateport that illuminates the sea for passing ships. It is a great shopping destination with a local Slateport Market. Captain Stern is a big name in Slateport. He is an undersea explorer who runs Stern's Shipyard, the local Oceanic Museum and also working on the S.S. Tidal which runs in and out of Slateport City after its completion.

The city has three major entrances, one from the north of Slateport City is Route 110, which has a bicycle route as well as a path to Mauville City, one that is directly south of the city is the beach of Route 109, and one that is east of the city is the ocean path of Route 134, but the water's current is too strong to Surf east.