Rhys was never known to be especially social among peers his age. He ate alone, lived alone, walked alone, and read many books while he spent time by himself. That's not to say he doesn't enjoy a good chat with the random person here and there. If it wasn't for that, he would have never heard of the very large house two blocks from his home in Saffron City. Having read many horror novels in his collection, Rhys thought about it for a while, and decided to check out what all of the fuss was about. He told this to the local kids, and of course they all laughed at him. 

He bet them all that not only could he go into that house, he could stay in that house for two hours or more. They agreed to this bet, and followed him there to make sure that he made good on the bet. To their great surprise, he walked up to the very large house with no worries at all, opening and closing the door as if it were his own.

That was when he started to feel like maybe this wasn't the most brilliant idea he had ever thought of. The night was very dark, and only a little bit of the moon was visible through the old, dusty curtains of that dark, creepy house. That was when he started to see it. The horrific images, and the shadows creeping behind all of the corners.

From that day on, every single day after that continued to be the strangest day in Rhys's life. He finally got the the bottom of the haunting, and it was nothing more than a small Duskull who wanted to play silly games on people. Rhys scolded him for doing such things to people, scaring them and whatnot, and left the Duskull feeling bad for it.

Four hours after he had entered the house, Rhys exited, and proved every single one of those kids wrong, not only that, but the Duskull approached Rhys, scaring away the children simply by its presence, and followed him. Since then, they decided to stick together. Rhys sold his house that his parents left him, and went on to try his hand at Pokemon training, what he got was a little different.

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Duskull Edit

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Rhys's first pokemon, Duskull does not travel in a Pokeball unless completely necessary. Even though Rhys has been known to talk to Ghost Pokemon, his peers have never seen Duskull talk back.


Rotom was found in the Lavender City Radio tower. While Rhys finds Rotom quite creepy, he still likes the idea of having an electric type on his team.

Spiritomb Edit

No one entirely knows where Spiritomb came from. When asked, Rhys will simply say "He just came to me."

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