Template:Characterbox Professor Pear is the Pokemon Expert of the Alto Region. She specializes in the biology and physiology of Pokemon, but can also perform complicated surgery if needed. She resides in Lithium City in her lab and five assistants.

History Edit

Joanna Pear was born in Platinum Village and raised by her single mother. All of her life, she was pushed to be a doctor so that she would not have to struggle like her mom did. She entered college after highschool, and while her medical studies were going very well, she found that Pokemon were more exciting. So she split the difference, and entered the Pokemon academy in their medical wing, learning all she could about Pokemon and aced her tests with hardly a thought. After seven years, she already worked her way up to being an assistant Pokemon doctor, but before she took her final two tests, she had an emergency call from Rhodium City. There came a horrific hurricane, which wiped out a horrible mass of the population. She flew in with a group of doctors in order to pitch in for the relief effort.

After such an experience, she found that she couldn't bare the sight of such nightmares. She decided to move to Lithium City, and try her hand at being a Pokemon Professor's assistant. After five years under the learning of Professor Cherry, she was given the reigns upon his retirement. Since then she has happily welcomed many trainers into the world of Pokemon, and onto the road to the Pokemon League.


While she boasts over 200 pokemon in her collection, her major three are Blaziken, which she raised from a little Torchic. Her Bulbasaur refuses to evolve, which she has never had a problem with as he is especially strong. She also has an Azumarill which she found on the side of a river as a Marill.

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