Pokemon Spirit and Ghost
Start date July 6th, 2014
End date On-going

Pokemon Version Spirit and Ghost is a Pokemon Fanon following the journey of Rhys, a Pokemon Trainer who has the ability to communicate with Ghost Pokemon on a different level than the normal human. 


Rhys and Duskull begin to see the shadow of the Pokemon World, places in the world that are much stranger than the norm. Because of his extra form of communication with Ghosts. With his small amount of fame, however, he also drew the attention of local pokemon trainers. Not only does he investigate mysterious happenings in the region around him, he must also deal with pokemon and trainers around him wanting to make a name for themselves.


Spirit of Mystery

Ghost of the Core




Our protagonist for Spirit and Ghost, he is a trainer who travels around with Duskull in order to help the region with a strange phenomenon of ghost pokemon appearing in unusual places that they had never been seen before. Their behavior is especially weird, and can sometimes be very dangerous. 

Alexia BradleyEdit

Alex is an assistant to Professor Pear, but she is also something of a vigilante that bent on demolishing the group known as the AllSeers. She met Rhys when she rode her large motorcycle in and assisted him in thwarting their robbery. She is an eevee trainer, and she is also one of the bravest souls that Rhys has ever met.

Jena RayEdit

Jena is an Electric type Pokemon trainer who is on the lookout for fire types as well. She started her journey from Vermilion City, having Electric Types all around her as she grew up. With her Pikachu that she was given when she was 12, she went out to explore the vast land of Kanto, and somehow met Rhys as she was battling a Biker. 

Professor Pear Edit

The Pokemon Expert of Alto Region. As soon as she met Rhys, she knew there was something very different about him. Because of this, she felt that maybe he could help Alto in its time of great crisis. Because of this, she intended to help him in anyway she could in hopes to at least bring the area to a better overall state.

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