The Pocket Monsters Fanon wiki was founded by User:DazzlingEmerald on March 16th, 2015 with the purpose of introducing a Pokemon wiki that promoted good writing. After being apart of countless Pokemon orientated communities, DazzlingEmerald was unable to find one that revolved around such principles. Thus, the Pocket Monsters Fanon Wiki was born, and from the day of its birth, strives for success. This site pledges heavy allegiance towards effort. Those who are unable to provide effort do not have a place here.

The general premise of the Pocket Monsters Fanon wiki, much like many other fanon related wikis, is to produce collaborated stories and above all else, to have fun doing so. However, as important as having fun is making progress as a writer. While you do not necessarily have to be a great writer, effort must be present at all times, and that in itself is what will define your career here.


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