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Normal | Mega
Type firefighting
Ability Blaze
Speed Boost (Mega)
Gender Male
Height 1'07" (Torchic)
3'03" (Combusken)
6'09" (Blaziken)
7'02" (Mega Blaziken)
Weight 6.1 lbs (Torchic)
46.3 lbs (Combusken)
118.2 lbs (Blaziken)
120.1 lbs (Mega Blaziken)
Previous Evolution Torchic
Trainer Ben

Phoenix is the name of Ben's Blaziken, being his first pokémon. Phoenix can also mega evolve into a Mega Blaziken when holding the Blazikenite, which Phoenix wears in an armored bracer on his right arm. Due to this, Phoenix and Ben share a powerful bond, with Blaziken being ever loyal to his master and friend. Through all the trials he has been through, he is Ben's most trusted pokémon.


As TorchicEdit

As CombuskenEdit

As BlazikenEdit

Phoenix, in his current form, is a bipedal pokémon. Most of Phoenix' body is red with accents of gray, yellow, and beige. Phoenix sports a beige, head dress-like set of fur-like feathers just as the rest of his species does. On his head, Phoenix has a V-like protrusion. Phoenix' eyes are in the shapes of semicircles with blue irides and yellow scelera with black pupils. Phoenix' has gray, callused, featherless hands with three clawed hands, with three claws hidden on its feet as well. Phoenix' mouth is similar to a hooked-beak. Phoenix' most noticeable feature is his long, powerful legs, and is noticeably taller than most Blaziken. On his right arm, Phoenix wears a metal bracer with his Blazikenite embedded into it.

As Mega BlazikenEdit