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Age 29
Gender Male
Hair color White
Trainer Info
Class Pokémon Emperor
Member of Xplicit (Captain-Commander)
Starter Pokémon Charmander
Equipment Aggronite
Personal Status
Relatives Cynthia (Wife)
Hometown Unknown
First Appearance
Story Debut A Dream Come True

Kamui (神威, "Authority of God") is a legendary trainer feared throughout the entire Pokémon world, and known in all regions as the "Thousand Trainer Slayer". He was said to have once married Sinnoh Champion, Cynthia. Kamui lead a rebelious group of trainers known as the Xplicit, who's current motives are unknown, as well as his very own whereabouts.

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  • Mega Ring: Kamui's Mega Ring is literally a ring around his finger, rather than a bracelet.
  • Mega Sword:
  • Mega Stones:

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  • Kamui's "Pokemon Emperor" title comes from the "Digimon Emperor" title used in the Digimon series.

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