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Name: Joshua.
Age: 14.
Gender: ♂ Male.
Eye Colour: Gray.
Hair Colour: Black & Light Purple.
Professional Status:
Trainer Class: Pokémon Trainer.
Personal Status:
Hometown: Hearthome City.
Region: Sinnoh.
Other Information:
Debut: Tiankui, the Leader Star!

Joshua is a Pokémon Trainer from Hearthome City, currently on his journey through the Sinnoh Region. 1embed/k1zzickBZY00


Joshua's mother passed away during childbirth and, as such, he was left to be raised by his abusive and alcoholic father. To escape his treacherous life, Joshua would oftenly come to his hometown's Contest Hall, where he would watch Pokémon Coordinators perform, as the shows were the only thing that made him smile at the time. When he was younger, Joshua was forced to participate in various "Junior Class" Battle Factory tournaments by his abusive father. In one instance, Joshua had the opportunity to face Thorton for the title of the "Factory Head", but lost. The cash rewards that Joshua had received from various Pokémon tournaments were taken by his father and spent on alcohol and sexual intercourses.


Joshua full-shot

Full body view of Joshua.

Joshua has grey eyes and black and light purple-coloured hair, which he keeps in an upward swoop to the right side of his head. He wears a dull green formal shirt and dark blue tie, as well as a black cape-like garment with ripped sleeves and edges, with dark blue pants and black boot-like shoes. Joshua also wears a matching choker and wristbands, which are black with silver studs. He has a pair of black goggles, which done a sharp and militarily style, and a red scarf, tied around his upper right arm, that is partially hidden by his sleeve.


Due to being raised by an abusive and alcoholic father, Joshua developed a cold and serious personality. He is battle-hardened from his previous accomplishments in Pokémon Tournaments, and as such, is able to feel the sharpness of his opponent's battling capabilities. Joshua is not reckless or impatient; He likes to get the clear idea of the situation before taking action. He is also not the one who likes standing out of the crowd. Despite his reserved personality, Joshua cares for his friends and doesn't want to hurt anyone, which is clearly portrayed in his battling style.


On HandEdit

Pokémon Information
Joshua's Chimchar
Chimchar is Joshua's Starter Pokémon, given to him by Professor Rowan in Sandgem Town.