History Edit

The daughter of one of the great Electric Type Pokemon trainers in Vermilion City. As soon as she became an official pokemon trainer, she decided to take on the Vermilion Gym Leader, and her Pikachu lost in one move. She acknowledged that her arrogance was her own fault, and that she shouldn't have rushed to battle so soon. Humbled, and defeated, she decided to travel abroad like so many before her. 

Along her way, she found a Mareep farm, and the little boy there who saw her walking decided to play a trick on her, saying that one of his  

Mareeps wandered off. She decided to be nice and help him find it, but after a long search, it turned out that he was simply wanting to ask her out. She was so angry with him that she challenged him to a pokemon battle, and beat two of his Mareep with her one Pikachu. 

When the boy's father found out about his son's misbehavior, he was severely punished, and his father apologized, giving her a Mareep for her troubles.

After that, she decided to travel on to Saffron city, but got caught up in a battle with a biker, and it was not going well at all. That was when a boy named Rhys happened upon her, and helped her win her money back. Her foolish pride would not allow herself to accept charity from a stranger. She decided to help him become a Pokemon trainer in exchange for his help. Her first appearance is in Spirit of Mystery.

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