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Nail Hamrin
Shibou (しぼう)
Name Nail Hamrin
Shibou (しぼう)
Alias Black (黒, Kuro)
Obsidian (黒曜石, Kokuyougan)
Shadow Dragon (影竜, Eiryū)
Kanji ネイルハム
Biological Description
Gender Male
Birthdate September 11
Age 33
Height 5'11"
Weight 175 lbs.
Blood Type B
Hometown Jubilife City
Home Region Sinnoh
Former Affiliation Blacklist
Occupation Pokémon Professor
Former Occupation Pokémon Champion
Blacklist Commander
Former Partner Cynthia
Status Alive
Burst Giratina

Nail Hamrin (ネイルハムレ), more commonly acknowledged by his alias Black (黒, Kuro), is a retired Pokémon Champion of the Sinnoh region. He is now currently in charge of the research operations being held in Jubilife City in regards to Mega Evolution. Black is one of the few trainers capable of performing Burst, a special technique that allows humans to fuse with Pokémon and gain their powers and abilities. Within the Pokémon universe, Black is remembered most for his ability to both pressure and contend against some of the world's most formidable adversaries, and having been a part of several championship runs in various different regions.

Many years after his retirement from competitive Pokémon battling, Black discovered the art of Burst and became a proficient Burst Warrior. His alias as the Shadow Dragon (影竜, Eiryū) is attributed to his usage of the Giratina Burst Heart and the fearsome prowess he has since displayed in coming years. Being one of the few Burst Warriors to bear the power of a Legendary Pokémon, Black is especially potent in close quarters combat, a trait that is only amplified further by his mysterious ability to garner an aura, much like his rival, Satoshi, and to an extent, the "Aura Pokémon" itself, Lucario.

Black is the second offspring of former Team Rocket head, Giovanni —and by extension, the undisclosed half brother of Silver— and was produced during the latter's visit to Jubilife City, where he partook in a devilish affair with Nurse Joy. Though he is now aware of his lineage, Black does not openly acknowledge Giovanni as his father, nor Silver as his brother, stemming from their lack of presence during his early childhood. However, he considers the evil blood coursing through his veins responsible for his past antics with Blacklist.

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Nicknamed Law, it was Black's very first Pokémon, and also well reputed to be his most powerful.
Riolu → Lucario → Mega Lucario

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