Alto is a fanon region that is seven hours away from Kanto if you travel by plane. The regional Professor is Professor Pear, who gives brand new trainers the choice of three starters: Growlithe, Staryu, and Sunkern. The Alto region is the primary location for Pokemon Spirit and Ghost

Locations Edit

Lithium City Edit

Gym Leader: Amanda Bates

Gym Badge: Globe Badge

Lithium City

Population: 3 million

The capital of Alto Region and its top tourist trap with a vast number of casinos and beautiful skylights. Though it is the capital, it is only the second largest city in Alto Region. This is also where Professor Pear is located in her lab.

Nickel Town Edit

Gym Leader: Roger Cyles

Gym Badge: Solar Badge

Population: 9 thousand

The largest production and work center of Alto Region. It has a vast rural area that covers much of the central region. Its coal production and farms are what it thrives on, and though it is not extremely populated, it still remains self-sustaining.

Arsenic Town Edit

Gym Leader: Greg Manio

Gym Badge: Black Hole Badge

Population: 11 thousand

Blacksmithing and metal crafting are the bread and butter of Arsenic Town. The steel is produced, refined, and crafted all through this town. This makes it one of the top flea market areas in the region.

Cobalt City Edit

Gym Leader: Roger Cleaver

Gym Badge: Cosmic Badge

Population: 5.5 million

The largest city in the region, and the corporate center for large business owners. It also has the largest Pokemon Gym, which employs some of the most skilled trainers Alto has to offer.

Platinum Village Edit

Gym Leader: Sarah Black

Gym Badge: Asteroid Badge

Population: 3 thousand

A small village outside of Osmium, it is usually host to many Pokemon Trainers who are participating in the Pokemon League games.

Iridium Town Edit

Gym Leader: Edgar Deer

Gym Badge: Planetoid Badge

Population: 50 thousand

Iridium is the site of the annual summer fair and circus. It is also host to many festivals in the spring and the fall.

Rhodium City Edit

Gym Leader: Emily Piece

Gym Badge: Eclipse Badge

Population: 200 thousand

A city fraught with tragedy. After a catastrophic hurricane from the coast, a great many of their residents were met with destruction. For this reason, the people placed a grave tower in the center of the city cemetery. It is now a grim city on the verge of decline. Even though it has some of the most beautiful, sandy beaches, it doesn't seem like anything can save it.

Grave Tower Pokemon: 

Coastal Pokemon:


Gym Leader: Ana Osla

Gym Badge: Galaxy Badge

Population: 40 thousand

The city of the Pokemon League. It sports one of the most modern and highly technological gyms. It is required to have the Galaxy Badge before going to Alto's Pokemon Gym.


Gold ForestEdit

Located between Lithium City and Nickel Town. This is one of the safer, more tame wildernesses of Alto Region. It is relatively safe for older children and Pokemon trainers just starting out.


Pitch Cave Edit

A cave in the mountains just outside of Nickel Town. This cave is a stripped coal mine. Ever since this mine was deserted, much of the wildlife outside of the mountain migrated and made their home here-in.


Steel Plains Edit

The flatlands between Cobalt City and Platinum Village. One of the more dangerous wildernesses in Alto Region. Only the more adventurous travelers go through this space on foot without a guide. The tall grass in this area is very vast, easily conceiling any pokemon.


Route 68 Edit

The route between Iridium Town and Platinum Village, many bird watchers are known to roam this area. At the same time, it runs along the side of the Copper Lake, a very large body of water, it is especially popular for fishermen.


Alloy Woods Edit

A long stretch of woods that runs parallel to Route 68. It is definitely not as safe as Route 68, but it does have some of the more rare pokemon in the Alto Region. It is for the far more daring trainers to travel.


The Final Stretch Edit

A road to the Pokemon League from Osmium. It is a long trek through a river, and through snow land. A frozen tundra is the last mile to the Alto Region Pokemon League. Only very high level trainers could possibly make it over the dangerous terrain. Pokemon: