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Shadow (影, Kage) is a male Houndoom belonging to Nail and was the latter's very first Pokémon as well as the former ace of his party. Alongside his trainer, Shadow forever embedded his name into Pokémon history upon entering the Hoenn Hall of Fame. Out of Nail's entire Pokémon arsenal, Shadow is one of three Pokémon to have participated on all three of his world titles as well as one of three to have played any significant role throughout the course of such a run. Due to his impactful legacy, Houndoom is regarded as one of the most powerful to descend from the Houndoom lineage and has proven himself in battle a countless amount of times. Additionally, Houndoom has emerged victorious when pitted against even the world's most threatening rivals, foes, and opponents, earning the fear of all of those who know of his history.

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